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Introducing MySQL Document Store

Thursday, May 12, 2016

MySQL can now be used as a document store, combining the flexibility of the document store model with the power of the relational model. Maybe you already knew that we added a native JSON datatype, Virtual Columns and Indexing, and many new JSON functions. But there’s now a lot more... Join this webinar to learn about the MySQL Document Store and what’s new across all levels of the database stack – storage, structure, protocol, APIs, tools…etc.   Whether you’re a developer, DBA or LOB owner, you’ll understand why you’ll be able to choose MySQL for your Relational AND Document Store needs, avoiding significant trade-offs and being forced into choosing multiple solutions.

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Replication Monitoring & Visualization with MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.2

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The latest release of MySQL Enterprise Monitor provides intuitive and powerful tools for staying informed about the health of your replication cluster. Whether you're using multi-source, multi-threaded, semi-sync, lossless or any combination of replication features, the new replication visualization functionality enables you to easily understand the structure and health of your replication topology. In addition, the MySQL Enterprise Monitor advisors that analyze replication configuration and health have been updated to help you leverage the new MySQL 5.7 replication features, optimize your configuration and prevent outages. Watch this webinar to learn how to put all of the new replication monitoring functionality to best use in your organization.

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