MySQL Utilities

MySQL Utilities is a set of command-line tools that are used to work with MySQL servers; achieving with a single command what would otherwise involve many steps or complex scripting. Rather than having DevOps teams building these capabilities for themselves, take advantage of MySQL Utilities and have them invest their time on activities that directly grow your business.

Written in Python, MySQL Utilities are designed to be easily extensible so that they can be customized to work in your environment:

  • Provide your own call-out scripts when invoking commands, so that they integrate with your wider systems
  • Invoke the utilities from the command line or programmatically using the provided Python libraries

High Availability

MySQL Replication provides a great foundation for building Highly Available systems. MySQL Utilities enhances this by simplifying a number of common tasks such as configuring, monitoring, auditing and administering replication. In the event that the replication master should fail, this can be detected and a slave automatically promoted to be the new master. MySQL Fabric provides the added benefit of automated failover for your high availability environment.

If a single replication slave needs to receive updates from multiple masters (for example to consolidate the data from multiple servers) then this can be achieved using the round-robin multisource slave utility.

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Server Operations

Whether it be creating a clone of an existing MySQL Server or discovering information about its configuration and state to diagnose issues; MySQL Utilities greatly simplifies the process.

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Database Operations

MySQL Utilities enables the DBA to efficiently work with databases (schemas) whether it be exporting and importing them or comparing their contents and structure.

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General Operations

Knowledge is power. Discover what is happening in the system such as how much disk space certain tables are consuming or what processes are running within the MySQL Servers. Scan data schema and indexes to find the information you need or where to make efficiencies. Reverse-engineer .frm files and then use the results to recreate the tables.

MySQL Utilities also allows the cloning of existing users, removing the need to re-implement the same privileges.

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MySQL Commercial Extensions

MySQL Utilities make it simpler to work with commercial extension for MySQL. The MySQL Enterprise Audit log can be monitored and managed - for example automatically rotating log files and copying them to archive locations. Audit events can be efficiently searched and filtered based on criteria such as user, query type and date.

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