Supported Platforms: MySQL Enterprise Monitor (Service Agent)

Important Platform Support Updates »

3.1* 3.0*
Operating System Architecture    
Oracle Linux, RHEL, CentOS, SUSE, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora glibc 2.5+, x86, x86_64
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and later x86, x86_64
Microsoft Windows 7 and later x86, x86_64
Solaris 11 SPARC_64, x86_64
Solaris 10 (Update 8+) SPARC_64, x86_64
Apple OS X v10.11 x86_64
Apple OS X v10.10 x86_64
Apple OS X v10.9 x86_64
FreeBSD (Java 8 required »)
FreeBSD 10 x86_64

* To monitor MySQL Instances running on unsupported platforms, use the built-in Agent. Note that remote monitoring does not collect OS information, see the online documentation for information on configuring an Agent to monitor a remote MySQL server.