A Visual Guide to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services and MySQL

For many years, Microsoft Windows has been the most popular development platform and second most popular production platform for organizations developing MySQL applications. In early 2009 we conducted our annual survey in which we found that 66% percent of those surveyed used Windows for development and 48% ultimately deployed into production on Windows. For some, this fact may come as a surprise given MySQL is the "M" in the open source Linux, Apache, PHP, Perl and Python (LAMP) stack. We also found that roughly one in three MySQL Enterprise shops also made use of Microsoft SQL Server. When we asked what motivated an organizations interest in MySQL, we found that cost savings, performance and freedom from vendor lock in to be the most compelling reasons to deploy MySQL in conjunction with SQL Server. In this paper we will visually show you how to connect MySQL into some of the existing tools that the SQL Server DBA will already be familiar with. Specifically in this paper we will look at how configure connectivity to MySQL with your existing reporting infrastructure based on SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services.