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White Paper: Scalable Applications with Memcached and MySQL

Memached is an open-source, distributed memory caching system designed to tackle today's web-scale performance and scalability challenges. Many of the largest and most heavily trafficked web properties on the Internet like Facebook, Fotolog, YouTube,, Yahoo, and Wikipedia deploy Memcached and MySQL to satisfy the demands of millions of users and billions of page views every month.

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Sun Startup Essentials: Get Your Startup off the Ground Fast

With the Sun Startup Essentials program, your business can get the industry-leading systems it needs at significantly discounted prices. Benefits include:

  • Deeply discounted servers with your choice of Solaris OS, Linux, or Windows
  • Software: Optimized AMP for Solaris and 30-day Trial of MySQL Enterprise
  • Technical advice from Sun engineers
  • Big savings on our partner hosting services

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Test Drive MySQL Enterprise Monitor for 48 Hours

You can now Test Drive the MySQL Enterprise Monitor with no download or installation required. MySQL will provide you access to demo servers to test MySQL Enterprise Monitor for 48 hrs.

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Case Study: Clickability Delivers Web Content Management SaaS Solution using MySQL

Clickability is the global leader in on demand Web Content Management, serving over 350 million page views per month for hundreds of customers, including Cisco, NetApp, and CNN Interactive. faster. MySQL stores the core application data which is used across multiple applications that include serving 500+ million advertisements and distributing 10+ million emails every month.

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Case Study: MacPractice Relies on MySQL to Deploy Powerful Healthcare Practice Management and Clinical Solutions

MacPractice is the leading developer and supplier of practice management and clinical software, hardware and services on Apple Mac systems. In less than 4 years, MacPractice has deployed more than 2000 installations. MySQL is used to store all critical data including patient data, clinical information, prescription history, billing history and more.

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MySQL Jobs

MySQL is the world's most popular open source database software. As part of Sun Microsystems' software group, MySQL is a global organization with over 400 workers in 25 countries. We are looking for talented professionals in engineering, sales, marketing, professional services, and support that will contribute to our products' strong momentum and share in our success! We have openings for the following positions:

  • Web Content Manager
  • Support Engineers
  • Senior Software Engineer, Online Backup
  • Build Engineer
  • QA Engineers, Online Backup, Storage Engines
  • Sales Representatives
  • Sales Engineer, Telecom
  • Lead Development Representative
  • Alliance Manager, Telecom
  • And Many More ...

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New Product Releases

New Release of MySQL 5.1.25 (Release Candidate)

We are proud to present to you the MySQL Server 5.1.25-rc release, a new "release candidate" version of the popular open source database. Bear in mind that this is still a "candidate" release, and as with any other pre-production release, caution should be taken when installing on production level systems or systems with critical data. Changes include:

  • Incompatible Change: A change has been made to the way that the server handles prepared statements. This affects prepared statements processed at the SQL level (using the PREPARE statement) and those processed using the binary client-server protocol (using the mysql_stmt_prepare() C API function).
  • Important Change: Some changes were made to CHECK TABLE ... FOR UPGRADE and REPAIR TABLE with respect to detection and handling of tables with incompatible .frm files (files created with a different version of the MySQL server).
  • Replication: CREATE PROCEDURE and CREATE FUNCTION statements containing extended comments were not written to the binary log correctly, causing parse errors on the slave.

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New Release of MySQL Workbench 5.0.22 (GA)

This is the first release after moving our sources into a bazaar repository. 17 bugs have been fixes since last released build and some additional improvements were made. While we are already working on 5.1 in parallel we are still on eliminating remaining bugs in our current version.

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MySQL Backup Previews Available

MySQL Backup enables external SQL clients to back up a consistent image of an instance's data and associated metadata via a direct connection to the MySQL server. The backup is synchronized between different engines and with the binary log (that can be used for point in time recovery). Different techniques are used by different engines to provide the best possible backup and restore. The backup image is stored as a file by the MySQL server.

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Hints & Tips

Article: Falcon Storage Engine in Depth

Yoshinori Matsunobu

MySQL released a new storage engine "Falcon" in January, 2007. Falcon is a high performance transactional (fully compliant with ACID) storage engine, which is beta at this time (June 2008). In this article, I describe Falcon's features and its architecture in detail.

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Article: Visual MySQL Database Design in MySQL Workbench

Djoni Darmawikarta

MySQL Workbench has many functions and features. This article by Djoni Darmawikarta shows some of them by way of an example. We'll build a physical data model for an order system where an order can be a sale order or a purchase order, and then, forward-engineer our model into an MySQL database.

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Article: Using MySQL and Memcached on the GlassFish Application Server

Pramod Gopinath and Rick Palkovic

Many developers use memcached and MySQL to cache content as part of their web application. This article presents a simple example application that uses MySQL and accesses a memcached server. The application is deployed on the GlassFish application server.

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Article: Installation and Configuration Sun Cluster Data Service For MySQL

Jenny Chen

MySQL data service running on a clustered-server model provide orderly startup, shutdown, fault monitoring, and high availability(failover) mechanism compared to the single server model. It can be freely downloaded, and Sun also released Open HA cluster, derived from the Sun Cluster 3.2 agents including HA MySQL data service.

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PlanetMySQL Blog Posts

The following blog posts are from PlanetMySQL. PlanetMySQL is an aggregation of blogs and news from MySQL developers, users and employees. It is an excellent source of all things MySQL, including technical tips and best practices.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: High Availability with DRBD and Heartbeat Presentation

Chris Barber

Here's my presentation I gave June 9, 2008, at the Twin Cities MySQL and PHP User Group about my highly available cluster using DRBD and Heartbeat.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: MySQL Proxy: How to pick indexes for order by and group by queries

Dathan Pattishall

First some of the things that you need to use and understand:

  • Explain Syntax
  • Order by Optimization
  • Group by Optimization
  • Update: Updated errors

Now some details that are usually missed. GROUP BY does sorting unless you tell mysql not to. GROUP BY has two optimization methods, loose index scan, and tight index scan.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: Backups: A Video Presentation By Keith Murphy from the June 2008 Boston MySQL User Group

Sheeri Cabral

The Boston MySQL User Group was lucky enough to get Keith Murphy to speak at the June User Group meeting, about backups.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: Tracking MySQL Replication Lag

Arjen Lentz

I sometimes encounter the issue where a replication slave is behind the master, while happily connected and in state of "waiting for binlog event". Mark Barger of ANYwebcam has been kind enough to tweak a script so Nagios can alert on this problem.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: How to write a lazy UNION in MySQL

Baron Schwartz

The other day I was explaining options to someone who wanted to know about archiving data in MySQL. "So," he said, "I might have to code my app to look for the data in two places?" One way to deal with this, as long as the archived data is on the same server, is a UNION.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: Building a Data Warehouse on a Budget with MySQL 5.1

Alex Tomic

If there is one thing that a DBA or data warehouse architect can count on, it is that data volumes will increase while budgets will decrease. This is why MySQL 5.1 and its partitioning capabilities are so interesting. I'm going to demonstrate how you can build a small/medium-sized data warehouse or data mart (1-10 TB range) on a shoe-string budget.

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Live Webinar: Integrating MySQL with IT Information Systems

Tuesday June 24, 2008 - 10:00 MESZ (Germany)

  • Do you need to integrate data between MySQL and other databases or applications?
  • Are you migrating data to MySQL?
  • Are you loading historical data into MySQL?

This is a joint MySQL and Talend Webinar where we will show you how to effectively integrate MySQL with other applications and databases.

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Live Webinar: Guide to Choosing an Embedded Relational Database (EMEA)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 - 15:00 CET

If you are considering embedding or bundling a relational database in your software applications or hardware products, then you won't want to miss this web seminar. MySQL is the most popular database for ISVs, VARs, hardware vendors, and network appliance manufactures who want to cost-effectively embed or bundle a reliable, high-performance relational database.

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German Sun/MySQL Launch Event

Thursday, June 26, Munich Germany

MySQL and Sun Microsystems invite you to a Launch Event where Chief Open Source Officer Simon Phipps und Kaj Arnö, VP MySQL Community Relations will discuss what this acquisition means to you, customers, users and partners. This is your opportunity to learn, first hand about the growth potential and benefits of the acquisition.

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Live Webinar: Memcached for MySQL: Advanced Use Cases

Thursday, July 3, 2008 - 10:00am PST

Join us for this in depth technical webinar where memcached guru Frank Mashraqi of Fotolog will demonstrate several use cases on how to leverage memcached to increase the performance and scalability of MySQL driven web sites and applications. Memcached is the open source distributed memory caching system used by some of the biggest websites in the world like, YouTube, Facebook, LiveJournal and Wikipedia.

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Live Webinar: Designing Scalable Architectures with MySQL Proxy

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Join us for this informative webinar where we will explore how the open source product, MySQL Proxy can help you build scalable, MySQL-based applications. In this presentation we will gain a fundamental understanding of how MySQL Proxy works and how it can be extended to monitor, analyze and transform the communication between MySQL Clients and Servers.

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MySQL European Customer Conferences 2008 - Save the Dates

  • Munich, October 21st 2008
  • London, October 23rd 2008
  • Paris, November 19th 2008

More information coming soon!

Training, Consulting, and Certification

Consulting: MySQL DBA (4+ Days)

  • Is your DBA Team overworked?
  • Is your IT Budget too limited for a full-time DBA?
  • Could you benefit from an 'On-Demand DBA' when needed?
  • Do you need a MySQL expert to jumpstart your DBA Team?

Our senior consultants use proven methodologies and expertise in database Administration, Security, Performance Tuning, Replication, Backup, and Fault-Tolerance to ensure success.

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Training: MySQL 5.0 Performance Tuning (4 Days)

The MySQL 5.0 Performance Tuning course is designed for Database Administrators and others who wish to monitor and tune MySQL. This course will prepare each student with the skills needed to utilize tools for monitoring, evaluating and tuning. Students will evaluate the architecture, learn to use the tools, configure the database for performance, tune application and SQL code, tune the server, examine the storage engines, assess the application architecture, and learn general tuning concepts.

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Continuent: Live Webinar, Breaking The Scale-Out Barrier

Thursday July, 10, 2008 10:00 PST

Please join us for an eye-opening webinar identifying a unique way to unbeatable fault tolerance, performance and scalability with no application changes necessary. If MySQL high availability and scalability issues are on your plate, you'll find this live webcast very informative and practical. We show how Continuent's new Tungsten architecture rides key database technology trends to create data services with continuous high availability and transparent performance scaling using low-cost commodity hardware and off-the-shelf MySQL databases.

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