MySQL Newsletter - Special Edition: MySQL on Windows

This is a special edition of the MySQL Newsletter. In addition to the regular MySQL Monthly Newsletter, a MySQL Newsletter Special Edition is issued each quarter that highlights technical information on topics most relevant to MySQL DBAs and developers. This edition is focused on developing and using MySQL on Microsoft Windows, the number one development platform for MySQL.


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Event: MySQL Community Reception - Santa Clara, California

April 13, 2011 - 6:00PM PT

Join the MySQL Team on April 13, 2011, as we celebrate the health and growth of the MySQL community. Whether you are a member of local MySQL user groups, a MySQL user in the Bay Area, or simply interested in the MySQL technology, you're all invited to Oracle's MySQL Community Reception.

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Event: Oracle OpenWorld 2011 - Register by April 1 to save $700

Oracle OpenWorld 2011 will be held October 2-6, 2011 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. This year Oracle again welcomes the MySQL community and has added a dedicated MySQL track, in addition to a number of user group activities on Sunday, October 2. Register now for Super Saver pricing and get $700 off the OpenWorld registration!

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Event: MySQL on Windows Online Forum

Would you like to reduce your database TCO on Microsoft Windows by up to 90% while increasing manageability and flexibility? Did you know that Windows is the #1 MySQL development platform? Join us for the "MySQL on Windows Online Forum" and discover how you can win with MySQL on Windows!

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Seminar: Improve Performance and Scalability with the Latest from MySQL - EMEA

May 10, 12 & 19

With the acquisition of Sun, Oracle continued to invest and improve MySQL - to make MySQL a better MySQL. Come join us to see what we have accomplished - from the MySQL database itself and across the MySQL product suite of development, management, and monitoring tools. Various MySQL reference architectures for highly scalable web infrastructures will also be presented in the seminar.

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Press Release: Oracle Enhances MySQL Enterprise Edition

MySQL Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive subscription offering that includes MySQL Database plus monitoring, backup and design tools, with 24x7, worldwide customer support. Recent integration with MyOracle Support allows MySQL customers to access the same support infrastructure used for Oracle Database customers. Joint MySQL and Oracle customers can experience faster problem resolution by using a common technical support interface.

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MySQL TCO Savings Calculator

Do you know that you can save up to 90% on database TCO using MySQL compared to Microsoft SQL Server? Customize the TCO Savings Calculator with your system configuration and see the difference for yourself!

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Live Webinar: What's New in Managing MySQL Cluster - German

Wednesday, April 6, 2011 - 15:00 CET

In this webinar, we will present an overview of the three latest enhancements to provisioning, monitoring and managing MySQL Cluster - collectively serving to lower costs, enhance agility and reduce the risk of downtime caused by manual configuration errors.

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Live Webinar: MySQL Relational Database Management - EMEA

Thursday, April 7, 2011 - 12:15PM CET

In this Webinar, Angeliki Korovesi will give you a brief introduction to MySQL and its contribution to the open source community. She will discuss the different features and services of MySQL and explain the importance of MySQL, as well as how it can be used. Join us for an hour-long introduction into Architecture, Management, High Availability, Backup and Recovery and other things you should know about MySQL.

This series of free 1-hour lunchtime webinars is brought to you courtesy of Oracle University.

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Live Webinar: MySQL Enterprise Backup - Online "Hot" Backup for MySQL - Chinese

Friday, April 22, 2011 - 14:00 China Time

Online backup has been one of the most requested features for MySQL. With MySQL Enterprise Backup, developers and DBAs have the tools they need to safely and rapidly backup and restore their databases. In this webinar we will go into the advantages of Hot "Online" backups. We will show how MySQL Enterprise Backup supports full, incremental, partial, and compressed backups that allow you to perform consistent Point-in-Time Recovery, as well as saving both time and money.

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White Papers

MySQL on Windows, Why, Where and How

Why is the world's most popular open source database so popular on Windows? What are the applications for which one should consider MySQL on Microsoft's platform? How should Windows shops relying on Microsoft databases get going with MySQL? Those are the questions we aim to answer in this guide.

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A Guide to Securing MySQL on Windows

This guide recaps some of the best practices for securing MySQL on Windows, and walk you through understanding the MySQL security model, post-installation, as well as securing user accounts and replication.

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ISVs and OEMs, Read the White Paper "A Guide to Securing MySQL as an Embedded Database on Windows" »

A Practical Guide to Migrating From Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL

This paper provides insight into what is needed for considering a move from SQL Server to MySQL, and presents a number of options that help make the transition easy. Both the business and technical sides of migrating to MySQL will be dealt with, so whether you are a manager or a seasoned DBA, you will find the needed answers to questions that revolve around migrating to the world's most popular open source database - MySQL.

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ISVs and OEMs, Read the White Paper "A Guide to Migrating Your Products from Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL Embedded" »

A Visual Guide to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services and MySQL

In this paper we will visually show you how to connect MySQL into some of the existing tools that the SQL Server DBA will already be familiar with. Specifically in this paper we will look at how configure connectivity to MySQL with your existing reporting infrastructure based on SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services.

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MySQL Workbench: A Data Modeling Guide for Developers and DBAs

This paper looks at various types of data that modern businesses need to manage, examines the reasons why a model-driven approach to data management is necessary, and outlines the benefits such an approach provides. It also highlights how MySQL Workbench can be an indispensable aid in the hands of experienced data modelers, developers, and DBAs who are tasked with managing the complex data management infrastructure of a dynamic and growing business.

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Blog Posts

MySQL Workbench: Manage MySQL on Windows Servers the Windows Way

Mike Lischke

The MySQL team has been continuously improving its products on the Windows platform. Along this line, we've responded to a request from our users of Workbench on Windows - to provide remote access to Windows Servers using Windows management methods - as an alternative to SSH.

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MySQL 5.5: InnoDB Performance Improvements on Windows

Calvin Sun

At MySQL, we know our users want Performance, Scalability, Reliability, and Availability, regardless of the platform they choose to deploy. We have always had excellent benchmarks on Linux, and with MySQL 5.5, we are also working hard on improving performance on Windows.

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MySQL Connector/C++: Guide on building a Windows client using Visual Studio

Ulf Wendel

This is a tutorial on how to compile a command line client using the MySQL Driver for C++ with Visual Studio.

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Download, install, configure, run and test MySQL Cluster in under 15 minutes

Andrew Morgan

A series of quick-start guides are now available to get you up and running with MySQL Cluster in as little time as possible. They are available for LINUX/Mac OS X, Windows and Solaris.

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Running MySQL Cluster over multiple Windows servers

Andrew Morgan

Following from the earlier article on running MySQL Cluster on a single Windows host, this one looks at installing and running over multiple Windows machines.

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On Demand Webinars

Why and How LiveTime Software Provides Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL Migration for its Customers

LiveTime has been providing ITIL Service Management and Help Desk products to global 2000 companies for more than 8 years and has recently witnessed significant interest from customers in migrating from SQL Server to MySQL. In this webinar you will learn why LiveTime decided to offer a free migration service for its customers as well as optimizations and performance characteristics.

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Running MySQL Embedded Database Securely on Windows

In this technical webinar, we will show you how to install and configure MySQL Embedded Database to run securely on Windows. Windows is the most popular platform for MySQL ISV and OEM customers, making Windows security an especially relevant and important topic.

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TechCast Live: MySQL 5.5 Does Windows

Did you know that Windows is the #1 development platform for MySQL? Product Manager Mike Frank explains why, and also tells us why MySQL 5.5 offers the best performance on Windows yet.

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Case Studies

SonicWALL Achieves 100% ROI in Under Nine Months Using MySQL Embedded Database

SonicWALL started using MySQL 5.0 in July 2008 and within just six months of using MySQL, SonicWALL was able to: Lower their cost of goods sold (COGS); Shorten new product time-to-market through the efficiencies they gained in Development, Quality Assurance, Training, and Documentation; and, Reduce the number of trouble tickets they received by over 20%, in addition to other gains.

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Central Banks Worldwide Rely on Bank of Finland's MySQL Based Simulator

The Bank of Finland acts as Finland's central bank, national monetary authority, and member of the European System of Central Banks and the Eurosystem. The BoF developed a MySQL based versatile Payment and Settlement System Simulator for making payments and settlement system simulations. Running on Windows, the application has been widely adopted by Central Bank Economists Worldwide.

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CONCEIVIUM Relies on MySQL to Perform Real-Time Analytics for BlackBerry Enterprise Server

CONCEIVIUM Business Solutions ensures that BlackBerry Enterprise Servers are up and performing optimally 24X7 for three of the world's top five banks, The Coca Cola Company, IBM Global Services and many other primarily Fortune 500 organizations. With MySQL Embedded Database, CONCEIVIUM's Mobile Monitor/Analyzer Agents have achieved a 70% performance gain and are now able to analyze over two gigabytes of data per day and perform thousands of transactions per second.

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MySQL Training and Certification

Training: New MySQL Training Course - Introduction to MySQL 5.5

This one-day seminar covers all the new features and other key enhancements to MySQL 5.5 and the MySQL Enterprise Edition, including Performance, Scalability, Availability and Backups. Instructor lecture is supported by live demos as necessary. By attending this course, you learn how to plan your use of the MySQL 5.5 product release more effectively.

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Training: MySQL for Database Administrators Course Now Available with Self-Study CD

The MySQL for Database Administrators course is the foundation course for database administrators and developers who want to use this powerful database. In this course you will learn how to secure users privileges, set resource limitations, and access controls. Now with the self-study CD where lessons are presented using the latest multimedia and instructional design methods, you can enjoy the flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere at your convenience.

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Training: Sharpen your MySQL Skills on Windows

Wondering how to run MySQL on Windows? Take our training courses to find out. Oracle University offers MySQL training courses tailored for different needs, so no matter you're a beginner or an experienced user, a DBA or a developer, you can find a course that meets your training goal.

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Consulting: MySQL Consulting Services

MySQL Consulting can help you deliver better results from IT investments - increasing operational efficiencies, driving down costs, and securing vital data. Whether you are starting a new project or need to optimize an existing MySQL application, our MySQL consultants will provide you with the knowledge, tools, and expertise to get your project going in the right direction.

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