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MySQL Cluster 7.5에서 새로운 기능은 무엇일까요?

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

MySQL Cluster는 캐리어급 통신 서비스의 신뢰성이 요구되는 현대의 리얼타임 어플리케이션을 제공하기 위한 웹 서비스에서 사용되고 있습니다. MySQL Cluster는 10억 이상의 핸드폰 사용자를 위한 통신서비스를 지원하는 것으로 알려져있습니다. 이런 극단의 활용사례를 통해 얻어진, 가용성 및 인메모리 성능으로 온라인 게임 및 금융서비스 앱들을 서비스하고 있습니다.

이 세션에서는 쉽게 확장할 수 있는 MySQL Cluster 7.5의 새로운 기능들에 대해 배울 수 있습니다.

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MySQL: Kelincahan web dan High availability dari MySQL Carrier grade utk industry telekomunikasi

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Memberikan aliran pendapatan baru dan memanfaatkan transformasi digital adalah prioritas utama dalam industri komunikasi. Temukan bagaimana solusi MySQL membaur dengan kelincahan web dan tingginya ketersediaan MySQL Carrier Grade Edition, dan bagaimana MySQL dapat membantu Anda dengan cepat dan efektif dari sisi biaya mampu memberikan aplikasi & layanan komunikasi yg baru dan inovatif.

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MySQL Cluster 7.5 : 网络时代的灵活性和可靠性

Thursday, March 30, 2017


  • 大环境对应用造成的挑战
  • 我们需要什么样的数据库来因应这些挑战
  • MySQL Cluster的特性
  • MySQL Cluster的成功案例
  • MySQL Cluster的架构
  • MySQL Cluster的运用场景
  • 新版MySQL Cluster的优势
  • MySQL Cluster电信运营商等级版的功能

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Better DevOps (IT and Business Alignment) with MySQL

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

DevOps is a movement to align IT with business needs. DevOps is about CAMS:

  • Culture
  • Automation
  • Measurement
  • Sharing

In MySQL we are constantly working to improve our products with these concepts and goals in mind. We are improving the monitoring MySQL Server by extending the depth of Performance_Schema and Sys_Schema with each new release, and adding new capabilities to MySQL Enterprise Monitor. We add new features to our tools to help with the deployment of Infrastructure-as-Code: the MySQL Shell and the adminAPI are examples of this. During this session, Fred will show you how to automate the deployment of a MySQL InnoDB Cluster with 3 nodes using Puppet. The Puppet recipe will use the new adminAPI to communicate with the nodes to create and/or join the cluster.

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Combining the Power of SQL and NoSQL Databases in MySQL

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

SQL has served IT for 30 years now and is far from being obsolete. In recent years NoSQL databases have emerged due to different needs of the developer. While offering the benefit of storing different data structures, almost every NoSQL engine has adopted SQL or an SQL-like query language back into the engine. There are advantages on both sides but how can one combine the power of SQL and NoSQL into one database? That question is answered in MySQL with a set of features for storing unstructured data in JSON. Out of the box MySQL now supports a JSON data type, a set of functions for manipulating JSON data, and the ability to query JSON using the power of SQL. Indexing is also supported via the addition of generated columns. It is now possible to combine the benefits of the schema and schemaless NoSQL world, and this session will explain the benefits and use cases for each approach.

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