MySQL Community Award Winners - 2006

25 April 2006 - In their morning keynote presentation at the MySQL Users Conference, company founders Monty Widenius and David Axmark announced the winners of the 2006 MySQL Community Awards.

Community Contributor of the Year — Giuseppe Maxia

"In recognition of outstanding efforts in the area of technical contribution to the MySQL Community. This award is given to an individual who has displayed remarkable commitment to the MySQL community by delivering quality code contributions, bug reports, and technical documentation and writing."
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Community Forum Leader of the Year — Roland Bouman

"This awards recognizes an individual who has displayed remarkable efforts to assist and guide others on the MySQL forums this year. Posting sometimes more than fifty times in a single day, this individual should be commended for his insightful, committed, and always cheerful assistance to all in the MySQL Community"
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Community Writer of the Year — Markus Popp

"Recognizing achievement in the arena of writing technical articles solely for the benefit of the MySQL Community. This individual has written scores of blog entries, detailing technical issues and scenarios with MySQL, and written countless articles on numerous websites. All this, while maintaining a free MySQL 5 testing and training website for the MySQL community."
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Long-term Contributor to the MySQL Community — Rasmus Lerdorf

"This award goes to the Father of the standards-defying LIMIT statement. He has inspired our founders to build a community around MySQL. He is one of the most recognised names in Open Source. He is the guy behind the OS project that has contributed the most to the spreading of MySQL. And, as our founders put it and I can attest to myself, he is a person you can run into anywhere in the world."
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