MySQL Community Award Winners - 2008

15 April 2008 — In a keynote presentation this morning at the MySQL Conference & Expo, Sun executives Rich Green and Mårten Mickos announced the winners of the 2008 MySQL Community Members of the Year:

Code Contributor of the Year — Baron "Xaprb" Schwartz

"From the creation of the most popular MySQL toolkit, Maatkit, to his outstanding and comprehensive blogging, we would like to recognize Baron schwartz for his extraordinary contributions to the greater MySQL community."

Quality Contributor of the Year — Diego Medina

"The next award winner has distinguished himself this past year in being the most prolific forum poster, answering questions in multiple categories with great zeal, and for logging countless reproduceable bug reports. For his efforts, we recognize Diego Medina for his outstanding contributions to the MySQL community."

Community Advocate, Communicator and Facilitator of the Year —Sheeri Kritzer Cabral

"As the only community member to receive an award two years in a row, this next award winner has once again distinguished herself from her peers in working to promote MySQL, to organize meetups and local events, for blogging about MySQL issues and concerns, and for being an advocate in the truest sense of the word. We recognize Sheeri Kritzer Cabral for her tireless community efforts."