Community Member of the Year Awards - 2009

21 April 2009 — In a keynote presentation this morning at the MySQL Conference & Expo, Sun executives Karen Padir and Kaj Arnö announced the winners of the 2009 MySQL Community Members of the Year:

Marc Delisle — phpMyAdmin project

phpMyAdmin is undoubtedly the most popular web-based application for MySQL database management and administration. Marc Delisle from Québec, Canada started to contribute to the project in December 1998, creating the first multi-language version of phpMyAdmin. He has been actively involved with phpMyAdmin since May 2001 as a developer and project administrator. He is the author of the book "Mastering phpMyAdmin for Effective MySQL Management" and is also actively involved in the Google Summer of Code, mentoring students to improve phpMyAdmin.

Ronald Bradford — MySQL Experts and Teacher, with Deep Passion for the MySQL Community

Ronald Bradford has a genuine passion for community. His name has been in the MySQL 5.1 code since 2006, as a generous contributor. After working as a consultant for MySQL, he has been stimulating the community with his technical contributions by blogging and public talking. With MySQL values always in sight, Ronald has been one of the most active and energetic voices in the MySQL community. His long term effort is widely recognized and appreciated.

Shlomi Noach — MySQL DBA, Consultant, Authorized Instructor, and Profolic Blogger

Shlomi Noach is a frequent blogger, with fresh and insightful content. He actively and positively participates to the build up of the community with comments, proposals, and valuable feedback. We welcome a new voice in the community, with the enthusiasm that brings people together.